For North Atlantic transiting aircraft Reykjavik (BIRK/RVK) is a marvellous stop; especially for those who have the opportunity to overnight.

If Iceland’s reputation as one of Europe’s most exciting and exotic countries weren’t enough, the airport is located quite literally in the capital city’s vibrant downtown which gives convenient access to hotels, resturants, pubs and major events.

BIRK Flight Services, adjacent to runways 06-24 and 01-19, is located some fifty paces from the four-star Hotel Loftleidir, a favorite for pilots.

The proximity to Hotel Loftleidir allows guests to keep an eye on their aircraft, even from the window of their hotel rooms! (for the best rates; book through us).


Birk flight location



Reykjavik Airport Runways


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Runway 01 - 19
Length: 1567 meters
Width: 45 meters
PCN: 35
Approach to Runway 01 - Visual approach
Approcah to Runway 19 - ILS CAT I/NDB-DME
Lights: LIH Wedge, G.THR, R.END, B.SWY

PAPI 3,5°

Runway 13 - 31
Length: 1230 meter
Width: 45 meters
PCN: 25
Approach to Runway 13 LLZ-DME/NDB-DME
Approach to Runway 31 Visual approach
Lights: LIH Wedge, G.THR, R.END, B.SWY

PAPI 3,0° RWY 13
PAPI 3,7° RWY 31
Runway 06 - 24
Length: 960 meters
Width: 30 meters
PCN: 15
Approach: See AIP
Lights: See AIP



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